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To get USB to work in DOS this approach uses two device drivers: A low level driver providing ASPI (USBASPI.SYS from Panasonic) to DOS A second driver actually using the new Probably the most interesting module is the USB disk driver, provided as .SYS file (can be loaded using DEVLOAD also). Velocity Reviews Home Forums > Newsgroups > Computing > Computer Information > Home Home Quick Links Search Forums Recent Posts Forums Forums Quick Links Search Forums Recent Posts Articles Articles Quick Currently (last update 2010–01–30) they support only USB 1.1 protocol and only UHCI controllers, but OHCI, EHCI and USB 2.0 are planned.

It provides limited hotplug support only. The Panasonic DOS drivers seem to work on most USB chipset implementations, including Intel and NEC, as well as NVidia, VIA, and SIS. extract [/Y (Do not prompt before overwriting an existing file) /A (Process ALL cabinets. The low level USB services are implemented on INT $14, enhancing the original RS232 serial port support, and well documented.

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No DOS driver “standard” - various DOS drivers implement various approaches, components of those can’t be “mixed”. 2.  USB drivers (sorted from latest and best to oldest and most historical) 2.1  You can’t do it. They are comparable, both provide not only USB storage support but also USB keyboards, mice, printers and other devices.

I spent a lot of time testing them, and found that DUSE (from Cypress), USBASPI (from Panasonic and Iomega), and DI1000DD (from Novac) can really let USB hard disk, finger flash These drivers will work with some PCs and lock up others. writes: "I Just solved my problem by using the files from the "virtual" DOS drive ghost03 makes when you run interactive mode. Usbaspi.sys Parameters And there are generic drivers.

But he didn't mention what didn't work. Motto Hairu Usb Driver I'm just looking into FURTHER USB-DOS action and have been having a play with "DUSE". I no longer have to burn tons of CDs... Downloads: ASPIOHCI.SYS ASPIUHCI.SYS ASPIEHCI.SYS Example: DEVICE=ASPIOHCI.SYS /INT /ALL SCSI drivers In order for SCSI/ASPI devices to work under DOS, the corresponding SCSI/ASPI drivers must be loaded.

Onto DUSE.. Usbcd.sys Download noted that either the standard Ghost or Win98X autoexec.bat worked as is. It's possible to let USB work under DOS, some guides and drivers scattered on the Internet. Note that you also need to load some universal SCSI/ASPI driver after ASPI?HCI in order for the devices to work correctly.

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Ask a Question Member Login Remember Me Forgot your password? An old one, is oakcdrom.sys downloadable from here http://www.computerhope.com/download/hardware/oakcdrom.sys Any win98 boot disk with cdrom access, eg from bootdisk.com would have that kind of setup on it, a working example. Usbaspi.sys Driver Download I don't think you need to use that though. Di1000dd.sys Download RAMFD.SYS purpose unknown.

Slow PC. WAS THIS SOLVED? It works GREAT!!!! - - Home - - Yes, there are USB drivers for DOS ... But in some cases this might not work, especially if an USB 1 and an USB 2 devices are connected to the same controller and data is copied from one to Panasonic V2.06 Aspi Manager For Usb Mass Storage

Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager (Standard) ► 06/17 - 06/24 (7) ► 06/10 - 06/17 (12) Video for USB Loading... After you unplug your storage device (“stick”, “flashdisk”) you can unload the main module (only) to free more memory. Or if your wife/husband has managed to mess up her/his system so badly that it can’t boot anymore, yet she/he wants you to have a copy of those nice digital pictures Later CATC was eaten by LeCroy, and since then USB4DOS seems no longer available, and all what remained from this “breakthrough” is the archived announcement (PDF): http://www.lecroy.com/PressReleases/document.aspx?news_id=605&capid=103&mid=514”CATC Brings USB Availability to

This is without even any CDROM drivers. Dosusb I no longer have to change CDs every 5 minutes for a full hour... Possible reasons for transfer errors include: Buggy driver Buggy device, see [9] Poor cable, see [8] Mixing USB 1 with USB 2, see [12] Power issues, see [15] [7] Data corruption

But if someday the system stops booting, you are lost.

Downloads: Version 4.2 Version 4.3 Version 4.4 Version 4.9 Example: DEVICE=DUSE.EXE INT XFER=32 DRIVES=2 CDD=USB-CD USBASPI USBASPI is a "universal" driver for many different USB Mass Storage drives with different chipsets, All my so-called usb drives are actually internal ones with a usb-ide adaptor. The complete config.sys and autoexec.bat replacement files are available for download below, and you might want to start first with just copying them to your OEM bootdisk along with the relevant Di1000dd Sys Drive Letter A few FreeDOS utils V1.22005-06-15 Add new version USBASPI1.SYS for HP/Compaq dc7100 SFF (or new PC) V1.12005-06-15 Stupid me, I miss the DUSE driver in FDCONFIG.SYS!

But obtaining much less in not that uncommon and can have various reasons: USB 2 device recognized as USB 1 only, see [1] Inferior driver. USB Flash Drives (Thumb Drives, Compact Flash, etc.) 5. The main module is a TSR (can be loaded and unloaded at any time) and provides a generic but very low level set of services, available via INT $65 (by default, It's been reported tho that their drivers also work for other brands as well. [menu] menuitem=USB,USB Boot menuitem=1394,1394 Boot menudefault=USB,30 menucolor=7,0 [USB] DEVICE = USBASPI.SYS [1394] DEVICE = SBP2ASPI.SYS [COMMON] DEVICE

But noted down the issues. I've tested these card readers, they work smoothly with the driver (No hotplug!) Jump to content Forum Downloads Tutorials More Sign In Create Account Search Advanced Search section: This Since Ghost can write to the external drive in DOS, I figured I could copy its drivers. Booting from good old MS-DOS or Windows Bootdisks - even fitted with the needed third party NTFSDOS or EXTFS drivers - gives you access to your fixed hard disk only, but

Also multiple partitions are possible although Windows apparently doesn’t like this anymore so won’t see such devices that frequently. Seems to be intended for use with some Panasonic hardware, however the driver “accidentally” got “too generic” - it works with various other products as well. About Us Computing discussion forum with hardware and software reviews written by our experts. Supports USB 2.0 but does not work on all memory configurations.

Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here I do not work for Dell. I then run my GHOST floppy, and choose the correct image from the "USB Hard Drive". In present two such driver sets are available - it is DOSUSB by Georg Potthast and USBDOS by Bret Johnson. So this USB device identification is also useful for debugging/troubleshooting purposes.

This one goes by the name DI1000DD.SYS, commonly referred to as the “Motto Hairu USB Driver”. Both can be loaded and unloaded from command line (limited in DOSUSB). The key driver files I've put together for you in the [USBdriver] collection include: ramfd.sys 22,012 bytesusbaspi1.sys 37,093 - Panasonic ver 2.15usbaspi2.sys 43,528usbaspi3.sys 37,090usbaspi4.sys 49,242usbaspi5.sys 50,606usbcd1.sys 5,509usbcd2.sys 35,456di1000dd.sys 16,368 Please keep