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One time I had to use the USB support to use a USB CD/DVD burner in order to install an OS to a Laptop. You just have to make a few changes that are specific to your system. Free. - by Oak Tech. METHOD 1 - The DUSE System Example 1 Using DUSE [config.sys] device=a:\himem.sys devicehigh=a:\emm386.exe device=a:\usbaspi.sys dos=high,umb Note: You can find a usbspi.sys on the internet or use on of the five different have a peek at these guys

Download the file and follow the instructions to create your own boot disk. Ultimate Boot CD is completely free for the download, or could be obtained for a small fee. Made by Wengier and Roy, China DOS Union. 2002-2004.My Super MS-DOS 7.10 Boot Disk (Build 2004.2.14).IMA My_Super_MS_DOS_7.10_Boot_Disk__Build_2004.2.14_.zip 1.12MB 5427 downloadsJust for note from me. supports IDE/ATAPI, SCSI, Parallel Port, USB (EHCI/OHCI/UHCI), IEEE1394 (Firewire),and PC Card devices, supports CDR, CDRW, DVD/R and DVD/RW.

Dos Usb Driver

Only if you provided the floppy with CD-ROM drivers, the CD-ROM drives will be available as well. Then I ran the startup disk and watched the screen. Also allows you to use network applications such as SSHDOS (secure shell) or Ghost Peer-to-peer/multicast, using Packet driver interface. - by Bart Lagerweij Netzwerk unter DOS Deutsch: Beschreibung wie man

recover master boot record of HDD. Under 4 Filesystem and Overrides, select FAT 32. Memory Tests Memtest863.3 Memtest86+1.70 Windows Memory Diagnosticn/a DocMem RAM Diagnostic3.1beta TestMem44 Peripherals Tools Parallel port detection and test utilities1.45 ATAPI CDROM Identification2.22 CHZ Monitor-Test1.01 Usbaspi.sys Driver Download Then I looked in it and noticed there are [5] usbaspi.sys and 2 usbcd.sys files.

The usb slots are NOT i repeat NOT bootable. Dos Boot Disk Iso jaclaz Back to top #8 TheHive TheHive Platinum Member .script developer 4135 posts Posted 20 April 2008 - 06:52 PM No wonder I couldnt post in the other topic. Great for debugging. If your XP CD-ROM is not bootable, then you can still try a bootable floppy disk.

I was able to find the files I needed on the Internet and got my usb hard drive to work which did not come with dos drivers. Freedos Usb Drivers You can use Winimage to replace the dll's. Since many BIOSes support this, usual Linux live CDs tend to support a "terminal server" mode where one CD can boot lots of PCs via network. Is there anyone who has any idea what is going wrong ??

Dos Boot Disk Iso

Once you are in DOS, you can run the program you copied to your USB drive by typing its name at the DOS prompt. Softkey Solutions Another commercial source for help Emulators and Virtual Machines Perhaps you need an emulator or or a virtual machine to install a DOS system? Dos Usb Driver Supports "One Pass Zeros" method only. Dos Boot Disk Usb This helps ensure BIOS updates and other low-level operations work properly. You also could use a bootable USB drive to run old DOS applications, but that tends not to work so well.

But, when i get the usb flash drive detected i can go te the root of it and see the files no problem so far, i return to the floppy a: More about the author You will have to experiment to see which one works for you. Next, select the Folder Options command from the Tools menu. And last but not least, there are lots of "small floppies" flying around in my floppy box, containing stuff like CmosPWD (to decode BIOS passwords), Memtest (to test your PCs RAM) Dos 6.22 Usb Driver

Now i have tried several ways to boot in dos with usb support, the only way i get it working is using usbaspi.sys with the DI1000 driver. You can use Winimage to replace the dll's. That's it for this version of the all in one boot floppy! http://digitalcompulsion.com/usb-driver/dos-floppy-boot-disk-usb-drivers.php change password of any user, including administator of Windows NT/2000/XP OS.

So disk-cache programs, ramdisks, and HD compression were rife. Dos 6.22 Boot Disk Initially, the lines for both versions are commented out. SafeKey Int.

Ultimate Boot CD (Full) The full version contains all the tools found in the basic version but also adds the INSERT environment, a Linux distribution based on Knoppix.

Select the "Create a bootable disk using" option and then choose "FreeDOS" from the dropdown menu next to that option. Version 6.53. Maybe another USB driver might have helped.Its a good experiment to go into if you have the time to change drivers. Create Ms Dos Startup Disk Windows 7 HDDErase3.1 Hard Disk Cloning Tools HDClone (Free Edition)3.2.6 g4u1.17 Unable to integrate latest version of g4u (does not like mkisofs -N flag, which is required for integrating Windows CD).

This will prevent you from copying original Atari booters with Teledisk. PEBuilder will now create the new Windows build. Maybe another USB driver might have helped. news It works GREAT!!!! BootDisks - PC Support - Essential Utilities YELLOWCONTRACTOR.COM WINDOWS AND DOS BOOT DISKS DOS/Windows9X/Me/NT/2K/XP Excellent Bootdisks Windows XP Fresh Install Bootdisk And Bootable

Note that this process will erase the contents of your USB drive, so make sure you've backed up any important files on the USB drive first. Hyperkey and Hyperscreen never caught on as much. - by Hyperware Inc. When you open PEBuilder, you will see a screen similar to the one that's shown in Figure A. You should be able to run your DOS application quickly in a safe and convenient way.

Or is there a dos program that has beter support for usb ?? Figure A   You must use PEBuilder to create a Windows build that will work with a flash drive. If you feel the need to, you can add, delete and/or change files. Good thing the forum has that post data save thing.

This all became moot with the advent of Windows. Shareware. - by Hans Salvisberg BootPart BootPart is an easy tool for adding additional partitions to the Windows NT multi boot menu (for example, add the OS/2 boot manager or Run Ultimate Boot CD from your USB memory stick. Version 3.05.

Back to top #7 was_jaclaz was_jaclaz Finder Advanced user 7100 posts Location:Gone in the mist   Italy Posted 20 April 2008 - 06:43 PM Topics merged. To do so, you must copy the BOOT.INI, NTLDR, and NTDETECT from the root directory of your PC's boot drive to the flash drive. Bin ~ Use with mback622.exeto restore Compressed Drivespace Backup Sets. Otherwise I would be ----------------------------Sorry to hear that it didnt work.