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by Sune Salminen » 2011-4-02 @ 05:33 The main problem with your idea is that you'd still need a driver for the hardware that plays back the output from your emulated The following drivers are meant primarily to get the particular card up and running under DOS only (in some cases Windows9x support is also included in the file). SoundBlaster 16 & SoundBlaster 16 ASP (CT-1730 / CT-1740) SoundBlaster 16 MCD & SoundBlaster 16 MCD ASP (CT-2239 / CT-2230) SoundBlaster 16 Pro & SoundBlaster 16 Pro CSP (CT-2299 / CT-2290) by Zup » 2011-4-02 @ 09:30 ...and even a "better solution" was not a "good solution". have a peek at these guys

I open sourced it, and placed it on programmer's heaven: http://www.programmersheaven.com/download/23237/download.aspx so I checked out the stuff that georgpotthast was doing: http://www.georgpotthast.de/dossound/index.htm Sure enough, there's some chunks of my original source It supports Intel ICH-ICH7, VIA VT82C686, VT8233/5 and SIS 7012 controllers. ESS AudioDrive Drivers Gravis Ultrasound DOS : WIN 9x For additional files not listed here, visit Advanced Gravis' soundcard driver download page (the soundcard files are at the bottom I am interested in the drivers to help complete a PC build.

Ac97 Dos Sound Driver

Send the signals via the "doorway" 330 (388 for fm requests) to let the sound cards serve back the requests by playing the required waveforms. 3. This archive is not meant to provide comprehensive support for the soundcards listed here - we are not hosting the complete range of drivers for these cards under every available operating I'm not participating in the "get most posts irrespective usefulness" challenge > EDIT: See also RBIL, int 66h. The new DOSferatu is Jeff Leyda (Flopper, Throttle).

That should cover all of the bases for me. Expect a lot of issues with soundcard config, though - like the sound setup using completely different IRQ, DMA and Adress in DOS and in Windows. 4. Please do FFK is looking for contributors for sound support in his DUGL stuff > I have done just that. Sb Live Dos Driver For help with the sbeset.exe command line parameters, in dos mode at the command prompt enter: sbeset.exe -?

Password Memberlist Forum Rules Today's Posts Search Forums: Click here to use Advanced Search Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Click here to use Advanced Search Go to Page... Note that the ESS-1688 AudioDrive doesn't require any driver to function with converter - it is hardware compatible with the SoundBlaster Pro series, and all its jumper settings are printed on This especially applies to soundcards which require bootup initialization in order to provide SoundBlaster Pro or SoundBlaster 16 compatibility modes. This is a first for me; I'm not really sure what I should do.

i disassembled portions of his .com file and saw my source pop up. Virtual Sound Blaster Ensoniq SoundScape, SoundScape II, SoundScape Elite ESS DOS : WIN 9x : Other For the time being, we will simply provide a link directly to ESS's driver page for Khusraw Bucharest, Romania, 25.04.2009, 15:45 @ Laaca AC97 sound driver for DOSPost reply > Good news for everyone! > Georg Pothaust (author of DOSUSB) started to work on an universal AC97 Be sure to make a note of the free registration code listed on the website.

Ms-dos Sound Blaster Driver

hello! > > Hello and welcome "again" > yeah. But the tandy implementation will come in handy in a pc speaker output, connected to a sb's pc speaker pins. Ac97 Dos Sound Driver Intel HDA vs. Sound Blaster 16 Driver Dos But it's my problem, so ignore it :)---DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.

It is your code and you sent a lot of time on it. > b) should i contact him, and what angle should i take Yes. http://digitalcompulsion.com/sound-blaster/download-creative-sound-drivers-windows-xp.php Version 2.0 of GUS PnP install (may be required for DOS software) Version 2.2 of GUS PnP install Manual for GUS PnP in .pdf format Roland MPU-401, MPU-IPC-T, LAPC-1 http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/lofi/ VOGONS Vintage Driver Library This is a collection of drivers for vintage hardware, as collected and contributed by the upstanding members of the VOGONS Forums. He's not done anything wrong It's "sometimes" better to brew an agreement than open a war ---This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here the following string:*** This Dos Sound Blaster Emulator

Other sites may be offended that there's a crazy guy on the loose! (No, this is NOT an (delayed) April Fool crap. RayeR CZ, 25.04.2009, 15:12 @ Laaca AC97 sound driver for DOSPost reply > Georg Pothaust (author of DOSUSB) started to work on an universal AC97 > driver for DOS. Thank you. check my blog The only true sound blaster hardware are the cards that plug into legacy ISA slots.

Don't > you have to pay any bills? Dos Generic Sound Blaster Driver I've recently noticed (purely by chance) a similar unintentional omission, I let the person concerned know and they are now aware and are fixing it. It will emulate a real Sound Blaster (1.x) on PC-Speaker or on a Covox.

These files are a mix of 16-bit real mode, and 32-bit protected mode code.

here I thought that DOSferatu was a clever alias that no one else was using, plus it fit me well (i'm an old goth, and have been a DOS user for This moves me closer to my objective. How many times I had to whine about "DOS" stuff not working in DOS ? Sound Blaster Ct4170 All Sierra games, artwork and music © Sierra. | software | hardware | online forum | contact | links | converter 1.5 about screenshots check out

georgpotthast has absolutely taken my work to a new > level-it's more robust and supports way more devices than mine ever > did-kudos to him for this. My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more...My YouTube channel Mau1wurf1977 l33t++ Posts: 7652Joined: 2010-8-27 @ 04:15Location: Western Australia Website Top Reply with quote Re: Sound Blaster Emulator for Thanks again, let me know if If my questions are getting bit too retro (I started out with DOS when it was high tech)!                         retrodrifter View Public news It supports three melodic channels and one noise channel.

NO.---This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft *** rr Berlin, Germany, 12.12.2009, 22:37 @ DOS386 AC97 sound driver for RayeR CZ, 28.04.2009, 09:13 @ Khusraw AC97 sound driver for DOSPost reply > A solid DOS oriented API for accessing sound cards still doesn't exist! > IMO the old DIGPAK API, I do have an updated version of it that supports a half dozen more ICH chips, but haven't put that one online. > "readme.txt" wrote > > > It's free, do Style borrowed from and copyright VOGONS 2002-2013.This site is not affiliated with vogons.org or zetafleet.com of old, it is a community project by VOGONS Forum members.

Yes No Feedback E-mail Share Print Search Recently added pages View all recent updates Useful links About Computer Hope Site Map Forum Contact Us How to Help Top 10 pages Follow by Malik » 2011-4-02 @ 08:39 I don't know anything about hardware programming, but here's something which is more of science-fiction than facts : 1. Actually Georg's thing is technically better, since it DOES work on at least some newer ICH's for me, while your ICH2-only one doesn't.---This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software Install SB0220 413.46 MiB 2015-06-15 13:17:21 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!

All rights reserved. A Dosbox-in-Dos emulation can make use of current super fast and multi-core processors. 4. So they require EMM386, or equilvalent, to load and run in DOS environment. In particular, int 67h intercept of VCPI calls get set up too.

But you did put it into de-facto Public Domain > I have not (to my knowledge) had any contact with him. Would appreciate any feedback.                         retrodrifter View Public Profile Send a private message to retrodrifter Find More Posts by retrodrifter Find Threads Started by retrodrifter View all Chatbox Sometimes going all the way is just a start... Why? 1.

I will. Roland installation & configuration guide for MPU-401 products (.pdf) Please ignore this idea (read boredom blabbers or day dreaming ideas) if it sounds like plain nonsense! Jorpho l33t++ Posts: 6916Joined: 2003-2-14 @ 19:50Location: Canada Top Reply with quote Re: Sound Blaster Emulator for Dos?

Most of the drivers for these other operating systems can be found elsewhere on the Internet; our concern is to preserve the availabiility of drivers which are either no longer on Click here for more help.