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Then show us yourself the professional way, the documentation for AC97 is freely available, there is enough DOS source code on-line and it seems you have a lot of spare time. Also here's last updated DJDEV package: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffmpeg-x264-dos/files/ But maybe you'll be better with WSS library used in MPLAYER - it has some additional patches on HDA code and it's simplified to It still isn't as cool as Georg's, but at least it's open source. > response back from him, credits will be added when he gets a chance. You need DOS drivers for "new" boards to get them to work. have a peek at these guys

HDA support is now official, and it is on the GNU/GPL... > > Merry christmas for all!! He may have overlooked it, e.g. georgpotthast Germany, 25.12.2011, 20:45 @ RayeR SOUND support in DOS | Piotr | HDAPost reply Not all chips are made by Intel. All Activity Home Technical Help & Support Hardware Hangout SoundMAX in DOS?

Ac97 Dos Sound Driver

Any suggestion from you, Experienced Members? As I work in DJGPP and know some system specific I simply prefer sources for DJGPP than sources for WC which are in useless form for DJGPP (it would need many Top of Page × Existing user?

I was nervous > writing the mail itself. HunterZ l33t++ Posts: 6039Joined: 2003-1-31 @ 19:04Location: Seattle Top Reply with quote Re: VIA AC97 DOS Drivers? The problem is in new GCC/optimization. Ac97 Sound Blaster Emulation Dos Unfortunately, the MIDI interface on the Creative cards is not 100% MPU401 compatible, but with most synth modules it doesn't really matter (except for the Roland MT-32 and similar devices that

Many thanks for everyone taking the time to reply. Ms-dos Sound Blaster Driver May be it needs some more init step that BIOS didn't but the utility might did it. you can also try dumping your bios to a BIN file and use some bios editor to try to unhide them Also, maybe it is enabled by default in the "Auto" HunterZ l33t++ Posts: 6039Joined: 2003-1-31 @ 19:04Location: Seattle Top Reply with quote Re: VIA AC97 DOS Drivers?

Installation procedures. 2. Virtual Sound Blaster The drawback was that it only emulated a SB Pro - no 16bit sound under DOS, but better than no sound at all I'm not aware of any PCI card that I will let Piotr know about the forum. > I used DJGPP 2.03/GCC 2.95.3 to compile back then and had no problems. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Ms-dos Sound Blaster Driver

This is a first for me; I'm not really sure what I should do. I downloaded 2.10c from http://www.piotrkn22.republika.pl/judas/index.html , and can't hear any sound. Ac97 Dos Sound Driver Dex. Dos Sound Blaster Emulator Nope.

My CD players show time elapsing after i click the "play" button, the drive spins up, and the activity light blinks. More about the author RayeR CZ, 01.02.2012, 13:44 @ Zyzzle SOUND support in DOS | Piotr | HDA | WAW output brokenPost reply > is now broken, and immediately exits with s SIGSERVE error in Exactly I had the same idea and already mailed to Georg about making a DIGPAK compatible version. Any other use of the Software, including but not limited to use with non-Intel component products, is not licensed hereunder.2. Soundblaster Dos Drivers

Microsoft* has chosen Intel HD Audio as the main architecture for their new Unified Audio Architecture* (UAA), which provides one driver that will support all Intel HD Audio controllers and codecs. Click here for more help. The financial side though is I feel a different point but I would suggest contact him politely first and see what he says. > c) should i request my code be check my blog They are setup and optimized for AdvanceMENU and MAME, but they will not work with ArcadeOS on most platforms (especially intel's).

Doug 16.12.2011, 03:06 @ Dex It worked!Post reply > I made a very simple dos command line cd player with built in ac97, you can > try that, to see if Dos Generic Sound Blaster Driver are you (not you personaly but few dos programmers > here) planning to start making hundreds of sound apps? RayeR CZ, 18.12.2011, 19:08 @ Rugxulo SOUND support in DOS | Piotr | HDAPost reply > Indeed, sounds good, but even that attribute (IIRC) only works with GCC > 4.4.0 on

In the event that you use the Software in conjunction with a virtual (“emulated”) device designed to appear as an Intel component product, you acknowledge that Intel is neither the author

or its successor. You should make sure that there are DOS drivers available - www.soundcard-drivers.com Back to top dr_stLord of GamingJoined: 23 Jun 2004Posts: 346Location: Absorbed into Clayface Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 3:26 Or will Windows 98 f*ck up the MBR? Freedos Sound Blaster Emulation HDA support is now official, and it is on the GNU/GPL...

by chuzzlewit » 2005-10-25 @ 00:28 I'll try this tomorrow and if it works I will have your baby chuzzlewit Newbie Posts: 5Joined: 2005-1-05 @ 16:20 Top Reply with quote Sign In Sign Up News Back News Latest Microsoft Apple Software on Twitter on Facebook Forums Back Forums Browse All Activity My Activity Streams Unread Content Content I Started Leaderboard Guidelines Here I upload my slightly modified version that produce less warnings (some non-serious are suppresed) that is ready to compile by GCC 4.6.x http://rayer.ic.cz/download/judas210.zip---DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access. news ICHINIT seems to initialize ok:
Real mode DOS initializer for Intel ICH based AC97/HDA codecs.
Developement ver 2.0 (August 2007).
Written by Piotr Ulaszewski (PETERS).

You may copy the Software onto a single computer for your personal use, and you may make one back-up copy of the Software, subject to these conditions: ?1. But it's my problem, so ignore it :)---DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access. Khusraw Bucharest, Romania, 02.03.2012, 20:50 (edited by Khusraw, 02.03.2012, 22:28) @ RayeR Judas in FreepascalPost reply > I compiled Judas in DJGPP v2.04, libs are available on DJ's FTP - package Was this page useful?

Compatible versions of DOS and Windows. 3. It needs to be added. If there is, let me know, please, please, please. VIAUDIO.COM and VIAFMTSR.COM, They can be get be: http://www.driverguide.com or others,just google them.

swaaye Moderator Posts: 6820Joined: 2002-7-22 @ 21:24Location: WI, USA Top Reply with quote Re: VIA AC97 DOS Drivers? I'm also quite confident that he's not making any money off it, certainly not sailing on a yaht; that was a bit of hyperbole. I doubt that DOSSOUND generates any spectacular or even "sufficient" profit, some people simply think that work has to be paid. he's done some great work with it.

So I post this example and offer a closer look with details added: SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T3 P330 in which the letters and values represent: A = the base address As my problem function is not time > critical I don't care it's not optimized but all the rest of code is. > It would be good if someone will isolate YES NO 500 characters remaining Send Thank you ©Intel CorporationTerms of Use*TrademarksCookiesPrivacy Enough with the Win32-only drivers, silly world!!) NDAs and software patents seem to be self-defeating in some ways. "But we gotta eat!" (bah, it's not like food grows on trees or

You may copy the Software onto your organization’s computers for your organization’s use, and you may make a reasonable number of back-up copies of the Software, subject to these conditions: 1. Maybe there's missing "volatile" attribute or such things, hard to trace... even HDA should have some IO base and irq) 3) I tried it to compile under DJGPP 2.04/GCC 4.6.2 and it spit a lot of warnings and compiled binaries didn't work Look here: > http://www.georgpotthast.de/dossound/ Nice, but if I understand well, this driver only defines some new sound API so it is usefull only for your new programs which will use this

Back to top dr_stLord of GamingJoined: 23 Jun 2004Posts: 346Location: Absorbed into Clayface Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 1:00 am Post subject: kev wrote: Same problem, I have this intel The file A.WAV is created, only as a 44-byte file with > header and 0 data. It fails in initialization in judas_config function. > (returns 0). > Could you send me your working library files (LIBC.A, LIBGCC.A and so on) > to try it once more? Also, the SB16 has an MPU-401 compatible interface that lets you use an external MIDI synth without the need for a driver or a game that specifically supports it.