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Diy Blu-ray Laser Driver


Google it if you're lost. Or just buy a cheap one from Walmart.

Also, an old computer tower if you have one.

how to make small laser hair removal machine. Damage to the eye can occur pretty fast. Okay, Now lets make the laser.Step 1: The Parts NeededShow All Items You will need: 1. Source

styropyro 2,830,811 views 2:28 My Homebuilt 200W LASER BAZOOKA!!!!! - Duration: 3:30. Post a Wanted ad in "Wanted" and in "Computers" (Everyone does it!!!). # Maybe even post in "Barter and Trade", if you have something "priceless" you are willing to dig out This burst is very small and very short that in most situations would not even kill the laser diode, but there are times when the burst packs some power along with Goggles or not, de-focused or not, doesn't matter. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-high-power-burning-blueray-laser-Ea/

How To Make A Powerful Burning Laser

That is excellent!!!! styropyro 11,649,487 views 1:54 Loading more suggestions... Capacitors ADD up when connected in PARALLEL. To regulate the voltage we can either use a voltage regulator and set it up in voltage regulation mode and limit the supplied voltage(This would still miss some of this spike

  1. We used an infrared thermometer to measure how much heat it is producing and it is only 77 degrees F.
  2. One of the best things to have in a laser diode driver is variable voltage AND current supply.
  3. GreatScott! 2,057,151 views 5:50 How to make a powerful burning laser from DVD-rw - Duration: 3:34.
  4. Current regulation is the tricky part of this circuit.
  5. A old DVD drive (free) 2.

This guide will use a capacitor as a voltage regulator since the battery's voltage is, for the most part, already regulated and stable, while all we need to do is limit Will any signal diode do, I have a shed load of 1N4148's. We purchased online a 250mw 650nm red laser diode. How To Make A Burning Laser Pointer Out Of Household Items I am a electronic technologist and even if I looked something up about electronics it doesn't always give me the right answer.

If the laser diode happens to disconnect from the capacitor and then reconnect while the capacitor is charged, then thatíll be worse than the spike from the battery itself! The best ones are fully encased in metal, with a transparent window at the top, as shown above. Quote: Originally Posted by paper183 Hey, I read your 2 guides, they are great and well explained thanks for making them ! It produces the laser but it does not burn anything.

Name: Email Address: Prove that the rank of the abelian group E(K) of points of E is the order of the zero of L(E, s) at s = 1, and the How To Make A Powerful Laser Cutter Sign in Transcript Statistics Add translations 1,243,529 views 1,398 Like this video? To focus the beam, you can use an ordinary magnifying glass, and that should suffice for a few experiments. NEVER LOOK INTO THE BEAM!!!

How To Make A Burning Laser From A Dvd Player

The LM317 is a very versatile device capable of so much given its compact size. https://mods-n-hacks.gadgethacks.com/how-to/make-your-own-laser-diode-driver-for-less-than-three-dollars-386177/ The voltage source that this circuit is designed to regulate is one supplied by an alkaline/lithium battery. How To Make A Powerful Burning Laser WARNING: You are dealing with very high power lasers that will blind anyone in under half a secound if shined into your eyes or anyone elses eyes! How To Make A Burning Laser From A Regular Laser PLEASE take lasers seriously.

But I had no specs on this diode so it is just a ball park figure. Then solder wires onto the - and + of the driver and then put the wires through the holes on the pcb board and solder them on. Essentially, you have to make a big glass tube like the ones used in neon signs, put it between two very special and very carefully calibrated mirrors, feed the whole thing In any case, you can't replace the laser safety goggles with sunglasses or a welding mask or anything else. How To Build A Laser Diode

Obviously this whole design can be tuned to be used with a BluRay laser diode or any other kind of laser diode. And we will use a capacitor to ensure no voltage spikes reach the diode." Again you have done an outstanding job with your write up and in fact I plan to Collection Intro Intro: How to Make a High Power Burning Blueray Laser! Solderthe 10 ohm resistor between the middlepin and the left pin.Then solder the laser ... 4 Step 4: Burn Stuff!Put in 4 AA batterys in the battery pack, and fire it

NEW LOWER PRICES... How To Make A Blu Ray Laser Pointer The time now is 05:48 AM. -- DarkShadows V5 -- Responsive LPF -2562016 -- Default Style Contact Us - Laser Pointer Forums - Archive - Top Powered by: vBulletin Copyright ©2000 The gas inside the tube can be: - a mixture of helium and neon (the He-Ne laser); this one generates an orange beam, is one of the easier gas lasers, was


Step by Step Construction and Burning Demo! - Duration: 2:28. You could cut some cost by not adding the heat sink but doing that would make it burn out a lot faster. Thanks

FWIW, quite a number of CD/DVD RW drives have a Class 1 rating on the sticker on the drive even though the laser diode they contain would, if not enclosed How To Make A Burning Laser Pen The Wikipedia page on laser safety is very good, make sure you read it before you start working on this project: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_safety This is the bottom line: Lasers below 5 mW

I am not very sure about the ability to use the 4148 in this as I have never tried it. Laser pointer discussion. Also, Make sure you turn the pot to its maximum resistance possible. only dvd players and burners use visible red light.

I just glanced over the datasheet very quickly and still am not very sure. LPF Coupon = LPF10OFF ________________________________ CLICK ME -- LASORB is now available for immediate purchase ________________________________ LPF List of Laser Pointer Companies (link opens new window) 07-29-2007, 09:34 AM #2 Oh yeah this is my entry for the wicked lasers contest, so if you like this instructable, please vote for me.  I want to use these laser for low power (5-50 I NEED TO KNOW!!!

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Form any computer or device that says it is a dvd drive/ CD burner (literally means burn)

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flashlight be using SMD parts and rebuilding the circuit already in the flashlight. How-to Honcho 3,051,136 views 2:35 DIY: How to Build a Burning Red Laser - Duration: 2:08. Loading... is most likely holding the laser 07-29-2007, 06:37 PM #8 paper183 Class 1M Laser Join Date: Jul 2007 Posts: 220 Rep Power: 10 paper183 Class 1M Laser Join

Laser diodes are, unfortunately, a very light load when wired directly to a battery, and an alkaline battery would easily put out about 500mA or more, and lithiums put out 2 Everyone needs to have a DMM (Digital Multimeter). Please try again later. Sign in to make your opinion count.

The extremely easy but pretty expensive way This is cheating - you're not building a laser, you're just buying one made by someone else. As about fitting it into a flashlight... Any sugestions?
Epilog Lasers.but a cheap weapon!!!I could purchase one,but I would like to maybe build my own laser cutting tool for this purpose.
Any one out here that can maybe help?????Is the Buy one of these, very gently extract the small laser pointer diode, and instead install the more powerful burner diode.