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It's been reported tho that their drivers also work for other brands as well. [menu] menuitem=USB,USB Boot menuitem=1394,1394 Boot menudefault=USB,30 menucolor=7,0 [USB] DEVICE = USBASPI.SYS [1394] DEVICE = SBP2ASPI.SYS [COMMON] DEVICE StorageDrivers Probably Driver Guide under another name: most links point there. Memory Management under DOS With MS-DOS 6.0 through to MS-DOS 6.22, a utility called Memmaker was introduced that is designed to automate memory optimisation. Teledisk Teledisk handles many protected disks, but has one serious flaw: It will stop copying if it comes across an unformatted track. http://digitalcompulsion.com/dos-driver/dos-driver-for-usb-flash-drive.php

Turns out they are from Iomega. Of course, it's only a screensaver and your files are perfectly safe, though it does look convincing. Shareware. - by Vincent Penquerc'h Precise Pointer Precise Pointer replaces the coarse block cursoer under DOS with a graphical pointer of your choice. The following line is needed in your config.sys: device=X:\USBASPI.SYS /w /v Where X:\ — full path to the driver.

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Well, now you CAN. CATC say USB4DOS supports all different kinds of USB devices, including USB Mass Storage devices, USB printers, USB modems, and so forth. I need help with the Autoexec.bat file and the config.sys file. drivers is a brand new and developing area so there is no one single method that is guaranteed to work on every PC.

The second method is using what looks somewhat like standard CDrom driver files and a USB driver. Requires 286 AT or better with VGA display. Anyway, it should work with some Iomega USB Mass Storage devices. Usbaspi.sys Parameters Convert USB devices to SCSI/ASPI devices, so you also need to load some universal SCSI/ASPI driver after USBASPI in order for the devices to work correctly.

NTFSDOS NTFSDOS.EXE is a read-only network file system driver for DOS/Windows that is able to recognize and mount NTFS drives for transparent access. Usbaspi.sys Driver Download just the config.sys. i wen back and checked my config.sys and the reason it did not work is that i had missed spelled DEVICEHIGH i had spelled it DEVISEHIGH. I don't have anything in my autoexec.bat file (don't really need it since I'm not accessing an external cd-rom.will adding the lastdrive=z line in my config.sys fix it Logged Hannix1969Topic StarterRookie

DVD4DOS DVD PLAYER for 16bit DOS systems!!!(MS-DOS,DR-DOS,FREEDOS and compatibles). Dosusb Plus there are some tools here to access Win32-style Long File Names and NT-style NTFS partitions from DOS, as well as protected disks. Link: CATC USB4DOS page If you have any questions, experiences or problems with USB support for DOS, please free feel to mail me, or in the new DOS Forum! It lacks many of the hardware emulations of DOSBox (no joysticks, basic VGA...).

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All major chipsets are supported (Intel/Sis/Via/nVidia) Important notes: Hotplug is not supported. Hyperkey and Hyperscreen never caught on as much. - by Hyperware Inc. Freedos Usb Drivers Since Ghost can write to the external drive in DOS, I figured I could copy its drivers. "motto Hairu Usb Driver" Given the right parameter incantations, this 16-bit Panasonic-developed DOS driver will let your system boot good-old DOS -any flavour, maybe even Caldera's OpenDOS and recognize all USB devices connected to the

Note that you also need to load some universal SCSI/ASPI driver after ASPI?HCI in order for the devices to work correctly. click site VideoThief VideoThief is a DOS screen grabber supporting every mode that VGAs were able to handle those days, and extended to handle VESA BIOS extensions (VBE) modes. IMO Download a Live Linux ISO, write it to a CD, boot it and copy files from the hdd to the USB drive. Please login or register.Did you miss your activation email? 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month Forever Login with username, password and session length Forum only search News: Home Panasonic V2.06 Aspi Manager For Usb Mass Storage

No way, Jose. By now it is abandoned, the company defunct. - by Personics Inc. Screen savers This is a huge library of all kinds of screen savers, with quite a few DOS-only ones among them. http://digitalcompulsion.com/dos-driver/dos-driver-zip-drive.php Thank you bootdisk you are the greatest.

There were Memory Managers to squeeze the last byte out of your configuration, and Boot Managers to allow different configurations on one machine. Di1000dd Sys Drive Letter Before posting on our computer help forum, you must register. Driver Guide Huge driver collection.

Both 16-bit and 32-bit versions are offered.

and i can tell i have a lot more to learn. Or you lost them, but want to use the software again. This all became moot with the advent of Windows. Dos Drivers You can't do it.

files. It uses IOmega USB drivers and Guest.exe. Use same Name and PW. More about the author DEVLOAD DEVLOAD provides a method of loading device drivers from the command line under MS-DOS, rather than having to re-boot in order to load extra drivers. - Freeware by David

A still working link is here. Shareware 30-day limited. Or if your wife/husband has managed to mess up her/his system so badly that it can't boot anymore, yet she/he wants you to have a copy of those nice digital pictures Autoexec.bat and Config.sys can be much improved, but this is the bare bones of the boot disk.

CreateCD CreateCD is a (XP/NT) command-line tool that allows recording files and folders to a data CD from The command line. The Panasonic DOS drivers seem to work on most USB chipset implementations, including Intel and NEC, as well as NVidia, VIA, and SIS. I placed an IDE hard drive in it with all the images of PCs that I GHOST on a regular basis.